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TRAP Travel Bag - Olive (10/Cs)

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Features high frequency 105 kHz micro processing technology optimized for running double-ended lamps. This Galaxy�� DE Gen 2 Select-A-Watt�� ballast can operate a 1000 watt DE lamp at 600, 750, 825 and 1000 watts as well as Turbo Charge��. 600, 750, and 1000 watt lamps are also properly operated with this Galaxy�� DE Gen 2 ballast. Set the desired wattage on the Select-A-Watt�� dial and be sure to install a lamp that does not exceed your wattage setting. Very quiet operation and limited vibration. This ballast has been thermally optimized to operate with a passively cooled (non-fan) aluminum housing. Galaxy�� DE Gen 2 ballast lamp cord receptacle is designed specifically for Sun System�� brand reflectors. Includes a 6.5 ft Convertible Smart Volt�� dual Ferrite, 120-240 V power cord and both 120 volt and 240 volts plugs. Industry-leading compliance with both FCC Article 18 Part A (governs commercial use) and FCC Article 18 Part B (governs residential use) as tested by independent US testing lab in a true as used configuration.
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The TRAP䋢 bag travel bag is made in North America of high-quality materials. Our bags are exceptionally crafted, durable and weather resistant. The TRAP䋢 bag travel bag is a great choice for those needing compact storage. The perfect size for storing all of your toiletries safely and discreetly while on the go. It is ideal for preserving the freshness of any perishable or dried goods. Lockable rubber zippers make this bag pet- and childproof while concealing the toughest odors. Spot clean only. Size: 10 in x 6 in x 6 in.
* You can add as many custom tabs as you need!
Size Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
XS 82,5 62 87,5
S 85 63,5 89
M 87,5 67,5 93
L 90 72,5 98
XL 93 77,5 103
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