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The PONIC group is specialized in the distribution of crop products for technical horticulture. We are a company that is committed to professionalism, quality and technological investment, alway in a process of continuous improvement to offer the best services and products to our clients.

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The extensive range that we have in the Ponic.io catalog in the most complete on the market, thus making us a benchmark in the indoor and outdoor growing sector. In addition, we provide technical advice to our clients, backed by the experience and knowledge acquired over years in the market. We are currently present in USA, with offices in Florida, and in our expansion process have opened offices in Spain.

Less labor intensive work

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Planning facility design is one of the most critical decisions a grower needs to make. Our experience and knowledte of cultivation best ptractices save you time, money and many frustrations. We can help you and your architects understand nuances that may only be normal to the cultivation industry. Our team understands how to break a project in phases and work within different budget parameters.

  • > Location Analysis
  • > Permiting & Regulations
  • > Construction & building
  • > Utility solutions
  • >Drainage Solutions
  • >ADA Compliance
  • >Budget Analysis
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Less wate usage

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Water is one of the three basic elements required to grow healthy strong plants. It is essential to get it right the first time. From reverse-osmosis systems to carbon filtration, irrigation plans to drip system, our experts will help guide you to the perfect solution for balanced pristine water for your plants.

  • > Reverse Osmosis
  • > Tanks & Storage
  • > Sanitation
  • > Reclamation
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No soil needed

ponic no soil needed

Selecting the most energy-efficient HVAC and dehumidification systems is highly dependent on operational factors, including the size of the facility and budget. Better yields begin with precise climate control. Climate control systems account for 50% or more of the total energy consumption in an indoor cultivation facility. We provide consultation and optimization cycles to help your operation achieve superior air quality.

  • > Indoor Air Quality
  • > Odor Control
  • > Energy Consumption
  • > Regulatory Compliance
  • > Emissions
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No nutrition waste

no nutrition

Not only do we carry the largest selection of Dosers, Base Nutrients, Organic Nutrients, Bloom Boosters, Root Stimulators and Powdered Nutrients. We help our customers dial-in optimal plant growth and maximize yields. Our team of nutrient and fertigation specialists have vast experience with superior brands like Dosatron, Botanicare, General Hydroponics, Canna, House and Garden, Sunleaves and more.

  • > Synthetic Nutrients
  • > Organic Nutrients
  • > Build your own soil
  • > Hydroponic Nutrients
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Less desease & bugs

Less desease & bugs

Leveraging the abundance of natural light in the right climate has significant advantages. With over a decade of experience, PONIC can help your team capitalize on those advantages with turn-key greenhouse design and auto-blackout/light-dep systems. Our experts will ensure that your company executes a design that saves you time, money, and potential set-backs. With our long list of industry partners, our team has access to the best deals in the business.

  • > Odor Mitigation
  • > Evaporative Cooling
  • > Blackout Systems
  • > Covering Upgrades
  • > Unit Heaters
  • > Rolling Benches
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30-40% faster growth rate than soil plant

30-40% faster growth rate than soil plant

Bucking, Trimming, Shredding and Sifting are our specialties. Our harvesting experts can help your company streamline your process to maximize profit while minimizing waste. We offer training and guidance on machine cleaning, maintenance, repair and performance.

  • > Wet Trimmers
  • > Dry Trimmers
  • > Work-Flow Design
  • > Free Phone Consultation
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