General Hydroponics Expert Series Full Nutrient Line

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Take the guess work out of feeding your garden and get professional results at a discounted price. We will even cover the shipping! With GH's Expert Series complete nutrient lineup you get the experience of over 30 years as the best selling liquid nutrient line. Flora Series is the most used nutrient for a reason, it delivers spectacular results such as enhanced size, quantity, flavor, aroma, potency and essential oils in your fruits, flowers and vegetables. Now you can easily purchase the lineup in one go and save money at the same time. This nutrient bundle consist of the following high quality products which are suitable for soil, soilless and hydroponics: FloraGro, FloraMicro, FloraBloom, Calimagic, Armor Si, FloraNectar FruitnFusion, FloraBlend, Floralicious Plus, Rapid Start, Diamond Nectar, KoolBloom Liquid, KoolBloom Ripening Formula, FloraKleen.
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