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Canna Bio Flores

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CANNA proudly presents the revolutionary and newly developed organic product line: "BIOCANNA". BIOCANNA products are 100% natural and meet all the requirements for organic farming. This means they are legally checked and d ORGANIC 100% Certified Organic - The Organic Materials Review Institute OMRI is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that specializes in the review of substances for use in organic production, processing, and handling. OMRIs organization is broadly representative of the industry segments with members distributed among certifiers, farmers, suppliers, processors, handlers, consumer organizations, and animal welfare and environmental groups. Materials review is conducted as a transparent, third-party review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing. The OMRI Listed(reg) seal assures the suitability of a product for certified organic production, handling, and processing. Besides several European organic accreditations, BIOCANNA fertilizers carry the OMRI certificate. 100% Vegetable - With Active Hops - Bio Vega, Bio Flores and BioBOOST are vegetable-based and do not contain any animal residual product. The main advantage of this is that the products composition is much better tuned to the plants needs.An additional advantage is that the product cannot contain any animal pathogenic organism, such as influenza viruses avian flu, for example that can be harmful to human health.Bio VegaBio Vega has been developed especially for the plants growth phase. Bio Vega is rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen that is released according to the plants needs. The bioactive substances in Bio Vega stimulate the root development and the formation of strong growth shoots. This allows even the fastest growing plants to optimally start their blooming period.Bio Flores The plantss nutritional needs change at the beginning of the blooming period.
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Size Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
XS 82,5 62 87,5
S 85 63,5 89
M 87,5 67,5 93
L 90 72,5 98
XL 93 77,5 103
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