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If your pH isn’t in the right range – and that’s 5.5-6.5 for most plant varieties – your nutrients are likely wasted. Too high or too low, and you’re in trouble. The result is nutrient deficiency or complete nutrient lockout. A sure way to unhappy, unhealthy – even dying – plants.

Bluelab pH Up and Down Solutions are formulated to the highest standards. Just add what’s required to raise or reduce pH. Your plants will thank you for it. The main thing is, you’ll see the difference in your harvest. Optimum inputs. Optimum results. Simple.

35% w/w Phosphoric Acid (pH Down)
35% w/w Potassium Hydroxide (pH Up)
Premium quality acid or alkali concentration
Use to adjust nutrient solutions to the optimum range of pH
Improve nutrient availability to plants
Easy to use in any growing system from hobby to commercial
Manufactured to high laboratory standards
Use undiluted with Bluelab pH Controller & Bluelab pH Controller Connect
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