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Benefits of hydroponics for the millenial farmers

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Less labor intensive work

Without all the steps of the conventional seeding process, the work becomes more accessible and less demanding. More is done with less effort.

No Soil needed

Soil-less food cultivation was once a distant concept; however, it is now a reality for home and commercial cultivation.

Less water usage

It uses 10 times less water than conventional growing systems, in hydroponics water is captured and reused.

No nutrition waste

The nutrients go directly into the water and not into the soil where the nutrients are drained into the soil, making the most of each nutrient.

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Less desease & bugs

Being a closed environment there are fewer insects and threats to the plants, this helps and improves the yield of our crop.

Faster growth

The nutrient are diluted directly in the water and the plant does not need to search for them, this energy saving is used in its growth.

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Grow healthy nutrition
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Principle Tecnique


If your plants are perennials, you will have to have a more strict and calculated lighting schedule to bring the plants through their vegetative (growth) and flowering (production) stages. The easiest way to maintain a lighting schedule is with an automatic electric timer.


The objective of forced ventilation is to remove excess temperature and humidity to the outside. The speed and amount of heat that we must remove depend mainly on the outside temperature and the speed of the air. It is important that the dimension, location and control of the ventilation are correct.


To promote oxygenation of the roots, it is advisable to extend the length of the cultivation containers up to 15 m; The longer the channels, the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the solution decreases, affecting the growth and development of the plants located at the terminal end of the conteiner.

Growing Medium

Hydroponic growing media is simply a soilless material that is often porous in order to hold the moisture and oxygen that the root system needs to grow.


The little oxygenation produces almost no striking symptoms in the production, however it decreases its growth and yield, in addition, adequate oxygenation prevents root diseases


Plants that do not root well, with too slow growth and even lack of nutrients and poor blooms can all be symptoms of an inadequate watering temperature.


If the humidity is too low, plant growth will often be compromised as it takes longer for crops to grow to a suitable size for sale. Also, the lower leaves often fall off, growth is difficult, and overall quality is not very good.

Root zone temperature

The importance of the temperature of the nutrient solution is often underestimated as an unimportant variable, although changes in the temperature of the culture medium and the solution can cause serious nutritional deficiencies.


The minerals that are essential for plants are: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), boron (B), chlorine (Cl), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn) and molybdenum (Mo). On the other hand, there are other minerals that, without being essential, can stimulate the growth of various plant species. SKU AP-MY7B-15SF


Hydroponics is a cultivation technique in which no soil is used, and the nutrients that the plant needs to grow are provided through water. The water functions as the basic carrier, since in it the nutrients are dissolved and transported for the plants. That is why water is a determining factor and very important in hydroponic cultivation.

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Benefits of hydroponics for the millenial farmers

Hydroponics allows farmers total control of the system, they can manage pH and nutrients to make sure the plants get only what they need. It is an efficient system that reuses water to reduce consumption. Full control of temperatures and lighting schedules to improve plant production. Systems can be designed to take advantage of vertical space and increase planting density. These systems make it possible to create farms in places where soil conditions are too poor for cultivation, or space is limited and a farm could not otherwise exist.

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30-40% faster growth rate than soil plant

No soil needed

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Less water usage

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No nutrition waste

Less desease & bugs

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Less labor intensive work